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Jennifer Louise Reed

As a professional, I am an innovative problem-solver who pursues goals regardless of setbacks, opposition, or previous failures by others. I lead a team of high-performing team of industry professionals in a competitive technology market. I am driven and confident in my experience so I am not fazed with delivering large-scale projects–even when some require unpopular change.

I consider my super power to be my ability to break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces which can be articulated into layman’s language.


On a personal level, I am just a simple mother and wife who relies on the love and friendship of my family. My husband Rick is also a writer, retired Hawaii state senator, and former All-Coast defensive back who played at Washington State University. We live in the lush farming valley of Snohomish where Rick grew up through which flow not one but two rivers, 45 miles northeast of Seattle.

My son, Siddha, is an entrepreneur who runs an IT consulting firm ( He is a pragmatic and customer-centric centennial who truly embodies the “be productive anytime, anywhere, on any device” world of work. He is a technical editor for my publisher, Wiley Press.

When not writing, I enjoy tending my organic garden, skiing, running half marathons, and hanging out with our furry family members, Rama (Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd) and Ruby (Siddha’s miniature long-haired Dachshund).


I am the youngest of 14 children in a close-knit family in the Philippines. One of my sisters died of breast cancer when I was 20. I’ve always felt that if we have had access to the same treatment women in the U.S. had at that time, my sister’s chances of survival may have been higher. Her death made me resolve to find ways to share what I have in knowledge, time, and energy with others who need them but can’t afford them. I know I will never get wealthy that way but that mindset makes me happy though so I guess I’m rich that way.

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